Intelligent Systems for Smart Airports

You’re dealing with tough challenges, from growing security concerns and increasing requirements to the complexity of integrating multiple building management systems. Honeywell Building Solutions (HBS) can help. We offer smart terminal, air and landside solutions to help improve your airport from one end to the other.
Early warnings, location-specific responses, increased visibility, precision docking information and real-time situational awareness help promote the safety of staff and passengers.
More Secure
Improve intelligence and gain an integrated view from perimeter to passenger to assist in detecting threats faster, responding swiftly and mitigating associated impact.
More Efficient
Promote more informed decision-making and more efficient terminal management to help reduce energy consumption, control costs, enable faster turnaround management, increase airport capacity, decrease air traffic noise and reduce weather-related
More Productive
Improve planning and control, and enhance ground capacity by integrating and streamlining information systems and technology.
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We Understand Your Challenges
With over 100 years of experience in equipping more than 500 airports worldwide, we understand what you’re facing. Let us help you provide a safer, more efficient and more streamlined environment for your passengers, stakeholders and staff. 
Together, we can find the right solutions for your airport. Contact us today.



Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System