​Improve Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure

As a government entity, you have a growing list of priorities and mandates, and fewer resources to address them. Honeywell provides energy management and infrastructure solutions to help  local municipalities and federal agencies address energy and operational inefficiencies that can hinder their ability to deliver enhanced services and fulfill their critical missions.
Let Honeywell help you:
  • Address deferred maintenance and aging infrastructure
  • Plan, specify and manage new construction projects
  • Develop and implement an energy savings strategy
  • Increase energy reliability and security
  • Upgrade fire, life safety and security systems to streamline incidence response
  • Reduce carbon footprint
Count on Honeywell for Local Support and Global Experience
Honeywell has more than 115 years of experience developing strategies that improve the performance of facilities and their systems around the globe. As a leading provider of energy and operational projects specifically for government organizations, we provide a global network of resources delivered by a local team of professionals to help you improve the energy and operational efficiency of your facilities, helping generate long-term savings that benefit your stakeholders and constituents.
Obtain Budget-Neutral Solutions
You want to implement the right energy and operational updates to your facilities despite budget pressures and other financial restrictions. We can help provide information on a multitude of funding solutions — from Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPC) to Public Private Partnerships (PPP), and a variety of other options — that may be available to help minimize the effect on your operating budget.
Together, we can find the right solutions for your facilities. Contact us to get started.

Federal Agencies

Local Government