Connected Hospital

Creating an Intelligent Digital Health Enterprise

From admission to patient care to discharge, you face mounting industry pressures to provide satisfactory care in an ideal environment. Honeywell’s domain knowledge and service experience in building automation, integration, operations, facilities management and systems optimization can help you stay focused on what you do best.
Technology-Driven Productivity
Technology is becoming an integral part of your overall business strategy, and Honeywell can help you implement a scalable, modular design with robust systems technology integration to help improve your processes, enhance safety and improve the quality of care.
This focus on digital health technology goes beyond advanced clinical systems and promotes many goals, including:
  • Real-time health information management
  • End-to-end approach from design, planning, procurement and installation
  • Holistic support of a patient-centered environment
  • Integration of technologies to enable more automated logistics and assist with workflow management, patient experience and satisfaction, operational efficiencies, and the mobility and accessibility of equipment
  • Enterprise integration between IT, medical, communication and building technologies to create more intelligent buildings and improved clinical management
  • Convergence of data flow from medical and non-medical equipment, as well as intelligent clinical and non-clinical solutions, into and out of electronic medical records
  • Economically-friendly infrastructure
Integrating Solutions within Your Health Care Facility
Honeywell provides value to the health care industry through the delivery of integrated solutions and services that encompass a broad range of technologies. With Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator as the integration platform, we can create customized solutions using an open architecture to connect with existing legacy or third-party systems to increase your return on investment.
Watch now: Integrated Healthcare Improving The Patient Experience at Fiona Stanley Hospital. 
Honeywell EBI uses a common infrastructure and promotes cost reduction, increased operational efficiencies and real-time information management from a single controls platform:
  • Health care systems integration
  • Energy services
  • Building ancillary solutions
  • ICT integration
  • Life cycle services
  • Asset management
You can count on Honeywell’s health care expertise, from our extensive experience working with health care providers to our knowledge of relevant technology and risk mitigation, so you can concentrate on improving quality care.
See an illustrated view of Honeywell’s complete health care solutions. Click to enlarge.

Together, we can find the right solutions and technologies for your hospital. Contact us today.