Higher Education

Sustainable Solutions That Make Your Campus More Competitive

You’re looking for ways to make your entire campus more sustainable. You’re dealing with aging infrastructure and deferred maintenance. And you need everything to fit within your ever-shrinking budget. Honeywell Building Solutions understands the issues you’re continually facing. Let us handle your energy and infrastructure challenges so you can be more competitive in attracting students and teachers to your campus. We can help you build the campus of tomorrow, today.

Making Economic Sense of Your Energy and Infrastructure Needs
With our customized and integrated building and energy solutions, you’ll:
  • Increase energy efficiency campus-wide
  • Increase safety and security for students and faculty
  • Improve building performance and comfort
  • Streamline operations
  • Reduce operational expenses now and increase long-term financial sustainability
We can also help you navigate funding options that provide the opportunity to enhance your learning environment without any impact to your operating budget, and ensure that you are taking advantage of all available grants, incentives and rebates to save even more.
A Technology Leader with University and College Experience
Like the thousands of institutions that have saved more than $3 billion on energy using our solutions, you’ll receive our guidance through the planning, design and installation of your energy and operational improvement plan. Honeywell also provides ongoing support after project completion through maintenance, service and ongoing system optimization.

Eastern Illinois University and Honeywell unveil the new Renewable Energy Center which is one of the largest university biomass installations in the U.S.
Together, we can find the right solutions for your campus. Contact us today.