Improve Pharma Building Automation and Control

You’re under pressure to speed time to market, meet compliance requirements, optimize physical and intellectual assets, meet your energy efficiency goals, and find innovative ways to improve every stage of the development process, all while managing costs. Honeywell’s integrated building solutions can help give your GxP-regulated business the control it needs to stay ahead of the competition by:
  • Streamlining operations for increased reliability, efficiency and flexibility 
  • Delivering projects on-time and on-budget
  • Promoting a fast, smooth startup  
Maintain Optimized Pharma Building Automation Systems
Honeywell can help you increase the productivity of your facility. We can also help reduce design, engineering, commissioning, operational and life cycle costs, as well as implement energy efficient solutions for green pharma. Leverage our broad range of pharma building solutions:
  • Integrated building control and automation, including HVAC, airflow control and energy usage
  • Environmental monitoring to record and better control critical environmental parameters and promote safe operations and storage
  • Fire and life safety systems, including fire and smoke detection, for improved employee safety
  • Advanced security solutions, including access control, digital video surveillance and the Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI), enabling total systems integration
  • Assistance with validation of your building management systems according to certain regulatory standards and proven industry guidelines for enhanced productivity and operational excellence
  • Maintenance, service and continuous optimization 
Assure Quality, Security and Pharma Manufacturing Resource Efficiency
Trust Honeywell’s expertise in commissioning projects in critical environments and in validating building management systems. We’ll help you cost-effectively improve energy efficiency, reliability, safety and compliance in your buildings with a unique approach that includes:
  1. Process readiness: We’re prepared to help you reduce your regulatory risks and promote compliance through our auditable processes that serve the entire life cycle of your automation solution, from planning to retirement.
  2. People readiness: Our experienced operational teams implement continuous optimization in your facilities, keeping you on the cutting edge of GMP guidelines
  3. Product readiness: Our products support certain industry guidelines and regulations.


Together, we can find the right solutions for your business. Contact us today.