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Sydney Opera House: Another Landmark Win for Honeywell

​The Sydney Opera House is Australia’s most significant building, cultural precinct and inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a masterpiece of human creative genius. With a focus on conserving and renewing the now 40 year old building, the Sydney Opera House Trust has embarked on a decade of evolution to ensure that this landmark building is equipped for the 21st century, preparing it for future generations of artist, audiences and visitors.

Honeywell is delighted to be awarded the contract to deliver a new Building Management Control System (BMCS). The scope of the contract includes an integrated building management system, including Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator platform, intelligent building controllers, gas detection system as well as incorporating chiller and sea water heat rejection controls.

Aligning with the Sydney Opera House’s Environmental Sustainability Policy and Environmental Sustainability Plan, an energy management system as well as a cloud based remote monitoring service empowering building operators with the tools to proactively manage building performance and energy consumption. Having already commenced the BMCS maintenance contract, Honeywell engineers will be able to work with SOH to preserve and protect the building services in an operationally and cost efficient way.

Sydney Opera House is at the forefront of building innovations, and Honeywell will be introducing smart building technologies such as the Command and Control Suite. The Command and Control Suite employs visualisation and an intuitive interface to provide a holistic view of building management systems.

With this technology, the Sydney Opera House will be better positioned to make informed decisions, lower operating costs and promote the long-term sustainable operation.

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