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Healthcare Safety and Security – The Changing Culture

Healthcare Security Pic.jpgYou have responsibility for millions of square feet of facilities, a large staff and a mass of integrated safety and security technologies – thousands of ID cards, readers and cameras.
Now, those systems and your obligations are growing due to national security concerns and a desire to implement a tighter security regime with a one-button lock down. How do you balance the needs of the organization with the needs of doctors, staff and patients?
That’s the situation the security team at IU Health had to address. And here are the key takeaways learned throughout their journey.
  • Enable immediate lockdown
In the event of a security event, having one button on a dashboard to lock all exterior doors is important, particularly in highly sensitive areas.
  • Address employee concerns
With much-publicized national security events, employees and visitors are particularly sensitive about safety. Interact and listen to staff regarding their concerns; gaining consensus and communicating is paramount.
  • Stay on top of standards
Ensure that whatever solution you implement meets the correct standards for your industry. And those standards are always evolving, so keep a close eye on the changes.
  • Create a unified front
Integrating different systems under one umbrella is important. Having security, access control and life-safety equipment part of a unified system negates the need for multiple dashboards, allowing faster response times.
  • Tailor the solution
Not all departments have the same security requirements; deploy technology that provides the flexibility to design and tailor solutions to meet the needs of each specific department.
  • Make it simple to use
If systems and procedures are complicated, you’ll have problems with adoption. Leverage ubiquitous technology such as smartphones, which are almost always within reach; the more graphical the interface, the better for ease of use.
In your busy day-to-day role of managing a building or campus, using technology to your advantage is key. Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) provides a single point of access and control for all facility systems, and can be delivered in numerous combinations for more effective facility performance. Enhancements to the EBI software suite are driven by user feedback, and innovation and technology trends, providing flexibility and freedom of choice depending upon your business goals.