Honeywell Abu Dhabi Technology Day

Date: November ​08, 2019
Time: 09:00 - 15:00
Location: Honeywell Masdar Office, Abu Dhabi
The impact of digital transformation is all around us. We’re seeing the benefit of this in our buildings, cities and organizations; improving employee and customer satisfaction, as well as operational performance. As the region delivers on its strategic social and economic development plans, creating sustainable living environments and world-class infrastructure; digital transformation plays a critical role in achieving these goals. The event will provide an in-depth understanding of the transformative impact of IoT and how Honeywell is shaping the future of smart buildings and cites in Abu Dhabi and the broader region.

Combining keynote presentations with hands on demonstrations, understand how Honeywell can help achieve your digital transformation goals.

  • Experience firsthand Honeywell’s very latest cutting-edge solutions for deploying critical smart city infrastructure. In use within smart city projects across Egypt and India, understand how Honeywell’s Integrated Command and Control Platform is supporting the strategic visions of governments across the region and providing safe, secure and efficient smart city services to citizens.
  • Take the opportunity and see how Honeywell Forge for Buildings is revolutionizing the management of building portfolios by helping business owners and operators decrease operating expenses by 25%, improve energy consumption and manage space optimization across an entire building portfolio while also enhancing the individual occupant experience.

Key highlights

  • Learn how to embrace digital transformation for your business and realize the benefits
  • Experience Honeywell’s very latest solutions delivering critical infrastructure for the region’s smart cities
  • Understand how building owners and operators can decrease operating expenses by 25% with Honeywell Forge for Buildings
  • Network and connect with peers and industry experts