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ComfortPoint™ Open Overview Brochure

With open native BACnet integration capability, ComfortPoint Open is a comprehensive building automation system providing informative and accessible building management system for all operators, enabling simpler building optimization.
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Modified:  1/17/2017 2:52 PM
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Migration Kit for Legacy Excel 500 Building Controllers

Excel 500 building controllers have reached the end of their service life, but by migrating your existing systems to a ComfortPoint™ Open Controller solution, you can leverage your existing infrastructure and not start from scratch.
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Experience Connected Convenience

As building managers are faced with more complex facilities and increasing occupant expectations, the need for smarter buildings and work environments continues to grow.
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BACnet WiFi Adapter

The BACnet WiFi Adapter is an electronic hardware module
suitable for the connection of BACnet MS/TP to BACnet tools
for the purpose of commissioning and problem-solving
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The CPO-Rxx family of BACnet Advanced Application room controllers provide flexible, freely programmable, demand-led control that delivers tangible benefits to reduce energy spends and drives new levels of functionality and efficiency in today’s buildings
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