Honeywell integrated operations

A suite of solutions to manage your building operations

Today, your building is capable of more. It is a mine of data about events that happen in and around your site. Integrated into one intelligent, secure responsive system, your building can become a platform that helps your people – and your enterprise – operate with greater insight, efficiency, and responsiveness. 

Introducing the next generation of Enterprise Building Integration (EBI), Command and Control Suite (CCS), and Digital Video Manager (DVM): Transform your data into real business outcomes and achieve greater efficiency and security.

Every year, your building comes more to life. Devices connect more data. Systems connect more devices. And the Internet connects it all. Today, smart buildings are real – and soon, they will be common.

For those watching at curbside, the pace of change can seem incredible. Yet you know this integration is driving creativity throughout your industry, and by strategically integrating your building's operations, connectivity can fuel the growth of your enterprise.

The right technology can help optimize and secure your operations – while better positioning your enterprise to thrive.

Automation can often simplify routine tasks. Integration can enhance control and oversight. And intelligent analysis can help direct efforts where they’re most valuable.

Honeywell can help you achieve these capabilities by focusing on three core functions, enabled by these three integrated modules.


Automate the details with Enterprise Buildings Integrator.

EBI provides intelligent integration that helps automate and monitor routine tasks, freeing your teams to do more.


Get a clearer view of your operations with Digital Video Manager.

DVM provides sophisticated surveillance and analysis for more comprehensive oversight with enhanced safety and security.


Take control of any incident with Command and Control Suite.

CCS helps your teams streamline complex workflows and optimize responses from virtually anywhere.