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As building managers are faced with more complex facilities and increasing occupant expectations, the need for smarter buildings and work environments continues to grow.

Through the power of the IoT (Internet of Things)​ universe, Mobile Apps from Honeywell enable advanced data capture and analysis to create safe, comfortable, efficient and interactive work spaces.

Taking the power of our industry leading building management solutions and making them accessible anytime, anywhere. That’s the core of Honeywell’s Mobile Apps offering.

Whether you’re a facility manager who needs to understand, monitor and adjust building performance 24x7 or a building occupant, Mobile Apps from Honeywell offer:

  • Ease of access
  • Access to critical building performance data - anytime, an​ywhere
  • Access to and integration with some of the industry’s most advanced security, building management and integrated energy management solutions.

Honeywell Vector Occupant App

The Honeywell Vector Occupant App is a multi-functional app that connects building managers and occupants to their workplaces to promote safety and productivity and optimize the occupant experience. It is supported by a cloud-based infrastructure and a rich collection of analytics to help increase occupant comfort as well as the effi​ciency and cost effectiveness of building operations.
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Honeywell Pulse™ for Connected Buildings

The Honeywell Pulse™ App remotely connects facility managers, supervisors and engineering staff using a mobile application to receive customized real-time facility performance notifications – anytime, anywhere. It enables users to be connected to their business - wherever they are, with the ability to visualize data in near real-time, proactively seek and tag trends, improve speed of response and situational awareness as well as collaborate​ with remote subject matter experts to reduce the impact of critical incidents.
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