Honeywell Outcome Based Service

A Smarter Way to run your Building

Outcome Based Service provides high visibility of building performance with near real-time analytics, improves efficiencies, reduces risk and adds a life cycle management approach to building maintenance, to help improve performance outcomes and lower costs.

What is Outcome Based Service?

Demonstrating near real –time Performance through Efficient Use of Technology

Outcome Based Service is a smart suite of services that use building performance data to focus maintenance activities where they are most needed to improve operational efficiency, maximize uptime and, with our latest offering, improve the integrity of security systems.

Key Features

Performance Focus with Near Real-Time Analytics
Near real-time facility data to support increased operational performance, optimal efficiency, and maximize uptime to impact the bottom line. Insights generated by data analytics help to make the right decisions.
Performance Dashboards and Reports
Visibility of building performance including a baseline comparison for electricity, gas, and water consumption. Smarter and more focused CapEx decisions.
Dynamic Preventive Tasking
Focus on high impact activities mitigates the risk of downtown caused by problems on site and improves operational efficiency.
Life Cycle Management
A plan to keep systems current with predictable costs to optimize system performance, and to support IT compliance.
Continuous Service Improvement
Systematic reviews sustain operational performance and reduce the risk of critical incidents and occurrence of downtime.

Why Outcome Based Service?

Explore a Better Connection with your Building

At the root of Honeywell’s Outcome Based Service lies the essential need to keep our customers connected with their building’s performance. By offering transparent, accessible data, we inform and alert our customers about the critical issues relating to their building’s equipment.

Outcome Based Service for Security:

A Smart Way to Secure Your Building

Where security and safety are critical, having confidence in the integrity of a CCTV and access control ecosystem is paramount. Honeywell Outcome Based Service for Security provides a better understanding of the operational status of CCTV and access control systems, reducing the impact of critical incidents and promoting faster and better-informed decision-making.

Performance dashboards (with multi-language support) and reports provide clear visibility of safety and security integrity, presenting the facility-wide performance of sensors, system alarms and devices on an intranet in an easy to understand visual format.


Improve and Sustain Operational Performance

Keep a constant check on the building’s performance through near real-time analytics. It provides near real-time facility data to support increased operational performance and optimal efficiency. It includes systematic reviews to sustain operational performance.

Early Detection of Operational Problems

Monitors building’s performance and detects faults at an early stage often before they lead to bigger problems. Asset Health KPI dashboard displays data analysis based on a four-week trend to prioritise replacement or maintenance of assets such as AHUs, pumps, heat exchangers, that are at the highest risk of failure.

Sustain Energy Efficient Performance

Building performance tends to drift significantly per year if not monitored closely. With Outcome Based Service we screen for faults in the building and mechanical systems to prevent drift and help make buildings energy efficient.

Provides Latest Functionality to Keep Your Infrastructure Up to Date

Building are kept on the latest version of our software to provide our customers with the latest functionality, improve operational efficiency and resolve issues more quickly.

Clear Visibility of Building Performance and Information

We keep our customers connected with their building’s performance by sharing dashboards and key documents in a centrally accessible location.

Reduces Risks of Problems and Downtime

Outcome Based Service enables dynamic preventative tasking to focus on high impact activities to reduce the risk of downtime. Continuous service improvement further reduces the likelihood of downtime in future.

It is an ongoing collaboration of quality service and continuous improvement from Honeywell empowering customers to run their buildings better.

Connected Services - New Mobile Apps

Let’s face it, our life has changed with the introduction of mobile apps and we all have become more proficient in our daily lives as task become easier, information is readily accessible and people are better connected. As part of Honeywell’s Connected Services offering, we now have the capability to offer our customers Outcome Based Service along with two new mobile apps – Honeywell Pulse and Honeywell Vector Occupant Apps​. ​​​