Discover the Honeywell Vector Occupant App

Engage your building occupants and build your brand with technology that links your space to their results. Whether they’re on site every day or as a one-time visitor, the Honeywell Vector Occupant App gives your occupants exceptional comfort and convenience, while helping you enhance efficiency, security, and savings.

It's one clever app for iOS and Android that’s built to wow even the savviest of tech-savvy users.

Put Your Building to Work

Connectivity has the potential to redefine how your buildings help you achieve your goals:

For Your Brand

  • Customizable user interface lets the app showcase your building’s digital identity.

For Your Occupants
  • Indoor wayfinding delights users, and reduces the need for physical signage and maps.
  • Mobile message boards make it easier to deliver notices and updates that drive engagement.
  • Occupants no longer need to keep track of a separate ID or access card, giving them one less thing to worry about. 
For Your Security
  • Secure photo IDs are easier and more cost-effective to issue, track, and update on users’ smartphones.
  • Promote overall site security with more sophisticated, secure digital credentials.
  • Control proxy access:  Employees are far less likely to share their phones than access cards.
For Your Operations
  • One-click temperature feedback from users makes it easier to optimize comfort settings.
  • Real-time space ratings from users help maintenance teams respond to their needs more quickly.
  • Deeper insights into day-to-day operations and traffic patterns help you target your organizational resources for optimal use. 
The Honeywell Vector Occupant app is easy to deploy, adapt, and expand as needed, across one building or multiple sites.

Smart Convenience, Sophisticated Control

    • Users can unlock doors from a distance, reserve meeting rooms, and more, all from their smartphones.
    • Indoor wayfinding directs users to points of interest and even to other people.
    • Digital photo ID shows a clear, current image of a user on their own phone.
    • User ratings for comfort and spaces are tagged with time, location, and other details.
    • Users get useful organizational information and updates directly on their phones.


    Create exceptional experiences for your occupants and visitors:
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