Fire & Life Safety

Smart, Integrated Fire Detection and Building Management

Fire detection is one of the most challenging issues you face, and improving fire and life safety monitoring and management while reducing costs requires new ways of working. Honeywell understands the challenges and legal requirements you face, as well as your need  to speed response times, mitigate risk and deliver performance improvements.
Single Point of Access for Monitoring and Control
Honeywell provides options for integration based on your needs and goals. Your fire and life safety solutions can remain standalone applications, or they can be integrated with your other building management systems — including security, HVAC and access systems — into a single, scalable platform, providing better  monitoring and control of your facility, while protecting your investments and helping reduce costs. 
  • Smoke and fire detection
  • Sprinkler supervision
  • Emergency communications
  • Access and process control
  • Electronic mustering
  • Control room monitoring 

Integration Made Easy 

Honeywell makes integration easier, supporting open technology that connects to existing and third-party systems. We offer products and solutions for design, installation, maintenance and ongoing support for a truly intelligent approach to building  integration. No matter how complex, we can help you: 
  • Gain early fire detection
  • Speed response times, get emergency messages out quicker, and promote safer evacuations
  • Increase security of entrances and exits
  • Enhance the likelihood of recovering from a fire
  • Promote compliance with safety legislation and related regulatory requirements

Honeywell’s Enterprise Buildings Integrator — A Total System Solution 

If you’re looking for a total system solution for building automation and enterprise-wide management, integrate your life safety solutions with your other building management systems, security and energy solutions and video surveillance through Honeywell Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI) . EBI helps safeguard your business and helps you: 
  • Maintain more cost-effective control over increasingly  complex facilities
  • Respond faster and more effectively to emergencies
  • Enhance safety and business continuity preparedness
  • Reduce and transfer risk 

Ongoing Support to Improve System Performance 

With on-time delivery of fire and alarm systems and ongoing service, your building operations will remain functional, reliable and consistently maintained with Honeywell. We’ll manage the    complexity of your systems and help increase the life span of your assets.
For intelligent, integrated fire and life safety solutions that can make your building safer and more secure, contact us today.

Reduce Your Risk

Reduce Property Loss

Create a Safer Environment

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