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Instant Alert

​A Seamless System for Mass Notification and Emergency Messaging

In an emergency, direct communication with multiple audiences can make the difference between a minor event and a major crisis. Honeywell Instant Alert® and Instant Alert® Plus are customizable, cloud-based emergency and mass notification systems that provide a seamless solution. Whether you need to reach people in an emergency or for routine communication, you can contact them quickly with one controlled message.
You’ll have instant communication by a wide variety of devices, including voice, text and email messages. Plus, the system is off-site, redundant, reliable, scalable and backed by Honeywell’s customer service — so you can have confidence your message will be delivered.
Instant Alert for Schools is designed specifically for K–12 schools, while Instant Alert Plus is ideal for higher education, commercial buildings, utilities, government, health care and industrial markets.
Features You Can Count On With Instant Alert
  • Delivery and Reach
    • Mass alerts via multiple devices, including phone, email and text
    • Send thousands of messages with the click of a button
  • Effective Messaging
    • Record your messages or use an electronic, text-to-speech voice
    • Target communication to unlimited groups to control who receives information
    • Eliminate paper notifications with email alert attachments
  • Multiple Activation Methods
    • Launch alerts from an easy-to-use web interface
    • Send alerts using our 24/7/365 staffed help desk, if Internet access is unavailable
  • Professional Support
    • Fully hosted, cloud-based service with no hardware, software or phone lines to maintain
    • Training and unlimited messaging are included
The Additional Benefits of Instant Alert Plus
  • Delivery and Reach
    • Expand communication with alerts to computer desktops, webpages and electronic message boards
  • Effective Messaging
    • Escalate communication by person, by contact device or to fill a quota
    • Receive feedback by sending surveys and multiple choice questions
    • Connect decision-makers immediately with automatic teleconference bridging
    • Target communication to those affected by a geographic event using a map interface
    • Post messages and updates on interactive online and voice bulletin boards
  • Multiple Activation Methods
    • Trigger alerts from other applications with the API
    • Send alerts using an interactive dial-in system, if Internet access is unavailable
  • Professional Support
    • Dedicated Instant Alert champion and 24/7/365 help desk ready to assist you and meet your notification needs at any time
When seconds count, Honeywell Instant Alert can deliver the right message quickly. Contact us today to learn more.

K‒12 Schools

Higher Education

Commercial Buildings

Health Care