Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Buildings: Automate, Communicate and Integrate

Achieve more with fewer resources by implementing a seamless, single-point of access to your building, fire, security and energy management solutions. Honeywell’s powerful enterprise solutions help create intelligent buildings that can provide many advantages:
  • Optimized building performance and functionality
  • Automated monitoring and control through a single, manageable platform 
  • Maximized energy and operational efficiency
  • Better decision-making abilities
  • Strategic control of your facility and reduced risk
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Increased safety and security for greater occupant comfort
  • Improved ROI over the life span of your building
The Key to Intelligence is Integration
To realize these advantages, it is key to integrate your new and existing building management systems, solutions, technologies and business processes into one platform. The result will be more efficient performance, simplified operations and more affordable growth through reduced energy and operating costs. Building integration helps protect your investments and ensures
long-lasting building value.
Scalable Systems Designed with the Future in Mind
Look beyond today to plan for the future with systems technology that communicates freely with your other systems and applications to achieve more streamlined building management. Honeywell offers modular systems built around scalable open architecture, allowing system expansion and life cycle savings. Take advantage of leading standards like BACnet®, LonWorks®, OPC®, and Modbus for easier configuration and seamless, third-party communication.
BACnet® is a registered trademark of ASHRAE. LonWorks® is a registered trademark of Echelon Corporation. OPC® is a registered trademark of the OPC Foundation. Modbus is a registered trademark of Schneider Automation, Inc. All rights reserved.
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